The ultimate experience for Schools & Youth Groups

The ultimate experience for Schools & Youth Groups

What to expect from outdoor education on our Tall Ship. Learn about how our youth scheme helps young people across a range of outcomes

Every year we deliver innovative outdoor education sailing trips to schools and youth groups; sailing with young people from year 7 (ages 11 and up) and their teachers and group leaders. Depending on the ages of those taking part we can arrange UK school trips, study tours, and educational visits from short day trips and floating classroom sessions to month long expeditions.

We use the model of experiential learning on all of our voyages, 'trainees' (both young people and teachers) operate the ship with a professional volunteer crew as their guides. No previous sailing experience is necessary. It is awe-inspiring for a young person to take the helm of Helen Mary R for the first time, for them to cook a meal for the rest of the crew, or even conquer a fear of heights by climbing the mast!

When I was 14 I was offered a place on a school trip with Morvargh Sailing Project. I was initially unsure as to whether I would like to go, as it was a whole week away and I only briefly knew the others on the trip. I tried to justify my passing up on such and opportunity with silly worries like ‘What if I get sea sick?’ and ‘What if they don’t have vegetarian food?’ But, after a bit of convincing and the thought: ‘What if I love it?’ I decided to go for it, and I am so glad that I did.
Esmae, Stoke Damerel Community College, Plymouth

Sail Training is a challenging and fun way to develop self-confidence, improve academic performance and change lives. It provides an intense, structured environment with defined boundaries and a clear common purpose: the successful completion of a voyage.

Trainees learn to manage themselves and interact with others along with dramatically boosting their self-awareness and confidence. There are no contrived situations on a Sail Training voyage: you really do need to work together in order to achieve a successful outcome. In addition, the sheer exhilaration of harnessing the elements engenders enthusiasm and a feeling of achievement.

Learning Outcomes and our Youth Scheme

Sail Training takes many of the components of other land based, outdoor adventure activities, such as overcoming challanges to achieve goals, working as a team, being isolated from the outside world and learning new skills; but with factors that make the impacts much, much stronger.

While elements of these factors are shared with other experiential activities, the specific challenges and unique physical environment of sail training can result in a distinctive, life changing experience for young people.

Where else can you create a unique, isolated, challenging, and yet safe, environment that is totally different from anything experienced before? Where else can immediate challenges be readily put to participants? And where else can the immediate consequences of their actions and decisions be apparent than in a tall ship sailing out of sight of land?

Through this medium, the aims of youth development are achieved. Young people increase and build their own self-knowledge and personal development, improve their knowledge and thirst for learning, and finally, increase their own social skills.

A sail training trip with Morvargh Sailing Project offers tremendous opportunities to bring classroom theories and concepts to life. From biology lessons taught in remote, coastal areas to math and physics concepts brought to life reading charts and plotting navigation routes, experiential learning happens every day aboard a tall ship. Links to school curriculum and learning outcomes are significant throughout a voyage aboard.

We have developed a youth scheme which underpins everything we do aboard. The scheme is the culmination of many years of research into sail training and youth development and brings together key theories, practices and methodologies into a cohesive whole.

National Outdoor Learning Award

National Outdoor Learning Award

The National Outdoor Learning Award scheme (NOLA) recognises and captures the personal development outcomes of participants during a residential or regular outdoor learning experience. The award has been trialled and found to be effective in a number of different outdoor learning contexts (schools, residential centres, National Park groups). As with everything we do, it is underpinned by educational best practice and welfare legislation. We will be offering the NOLA on all of our voyages from 2021.

Would you like to arrange a visit, book a voyage or get in touch?

If you'd like more information, to arrange a visit or even book a voyage please get in touch. Alternatively you can contact us by email [email protected] or call +44 (0)7481 546577

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