YB Tracking support ASPIRE360

YB Tracking support ASPIRE360

YB Tracking support ASPIRE360 by providing a tracking unit for the event

Mon, 9th March 2020
Vicky Barraud

Posted by Vicky on 9th March 2020.

We can't wait to set sail from Fowey on the 30th May 2020 on our first leg of #ASPIRE360 and thanks to the great support of YB Tracking you'll be able to follow our adventures every step of the way!

YB Tracking are supporting Morvargh & Fowey River Academy by offering the use of one of their amazing trackers for our sail around the UK. The tracker wakes up on a regular basis (we'll be sending updates hourly), obtains a position using the GPS satellite network, and then transmits that position back to YB Tracking using the Iridium satellite network in seconds. The message is relayed to the YB Tracking HQ from Iridium, and they visualise the position updates on an easy-to-use online map which will be displayed on our own website. (something like the image below)

The #ASPIRE360 challenge is a circumnavigation of Great Britain under sail; we will depart from Fowey on the 30th May 2020 and sail in a westabout direction visiting amazing places such as Dublin in Ireland, Tobermorry in Scotland and even sailing into the centre of London up to the iconic Tower Bridge! On our last #ASPIRE360 expedition we had Dolphins swim with us for many a mile, and experienced the wonder of the Northern Lights. Our current plans see us visiting around 20 ports with some museum visits planned in key locations. We’ll get to marvel at out beautiful coastline and experience the best the UK & Ireland has to offer. Playing hide & seek, the cornflake box game, the odd sing-song, and baking bread and cooking all help young people to create strong bonds with their crew mates, increase their own understanding of themselves, of their boundaries and most importantly have the confidence that they can try and excel at anything!

Sailing creates challenging and exciting activities that put people in situations where they need to solve problems which can easily be transferred into everyday life.

Both Morvargh and Fowey River Academy are very much committed to trying to reduce barriers to participation and we made the decision that no student should have to pay for a place aboard. It costs the Project over £65 per day, per child to run a sail training voyage (for an example we spend around £100 per day just for the food aboard) so together we have to look to other means to pay for the children aboard. We recently launched a crowdfunder to try and raise the money necessary to deliver the voyage and YB Tracking's support helps reduce the financial cost of undertaking the trip!

We hope you may be able to support us too.

The support of YB Tracking is fantastic and directly reduces the cost of undertaking this life changing voyage. We can't thank you enough YB Tracking for your generous and amazing support! Thank you so, so much!

If you want find out more about their amazing trackers or the fantastic range of events that their trackers are involved in then visit their website at https://www.ybtracking.com/index alternatively give them a follow on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Once the tracker goes live you'll be able to track our adventures on our dedicated tracker page.

Fair Winds,

Matt & Victoria

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