Why we do it

Why we do it

Why we run Morvargh Sailing Project

Sat, 7th May 2016
Matthew Barraud

Posted by Matthew on 7th May 2016.

It’s certainly been a very long road that we’re travelling on to get Helen Mary R sailing again.  At times it has felt like we’ve been many hundreds of miles from finishing this journey and at others it has felt like just round the corner. One thing hasn’t changed throughout however and that is my motivation to continue.  At times when we’ve been scrabbling around trying to find the mooring fees, purchase new ‘bits for the boat’ it has been tough (there’s more of a story here but i’m not sure i’m ready to tell it); but throughout we’ve taken inspiration from what we know Morvargh & Helen Mary R can do.

Last week it was one of our volunteers 19th birthday (read their perspective here); and for me it was a special day.  They had sailed on our second sail training voyage and from the very beginning we saw that they had some potential to carry on.  They dug deep when needed to, they got over their fears (it’s amazing how being 20 metres in the air at the top of a mast does that for you!), and they never stopped giving their best.  This person was just 14! For me it was a hugely humbling experience; there was no way I was like that at 14.

“Quiet but fearless, intelligent, caring, dedicated and hard working and awesomely talented in pretty much everything you have a go at!” was what their mum said about them on Facebook and that was so much what we saw in them when they sailed with us.  Being a part of that, even in some small way, is why I and the volunteers who sail with us do it.

There are many more stories we can tell of how sail training has helped young people and our voyages are no different.  Looking back it is these people who give me inspiration to carry on fighting for getting Morvargh & Helen Mary R sailing again, I take strength from how much sail training has helped them into becoming young adults.

Getting Helen Mary R sailing again is taking much longer than we initially thought, (we suspended operations for 6 months; a little over two years ago) but we are pushing forward; there is light at the end of the tunnel and we are so close.

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