What young people think about Morvargh

What young people think about Morvargh

A young persons view of Morvargh Sailing Project

Sun, 3rd January 2016
Matthew Barraud

Posted by Matthew on 3rd January 2016.

I thought it might be a good idea to give you a young person’s perspective on how Morvargh has helped them to change a part of their life.  One of our young people who sailed with us gave us this insight into how sailing on Plymouth's Tall Ship has changed their life for the better

"Having grown up in Plymouth, I have always loved the sea. I have spent a lot of my childhood rock pooling and swimming and was a member of the National Marine Aquarium for several years.

As long as I can remember others have commented on my shyness/quietness and whilst it bothered me, I thought that it was just the way I was so didn’t seek to work on my confidence.

When I was 14 I was offered a place on a school trip with Morvargh Sailing Project. I was initially unsure as to whether I would like to go, as it was a whole week away and I only briefly knew the others on the trip. I tried to justify my passing up on such and opportunity with silly worries like ‘What if I get sea sick?’ and ‘What if they don’t have vegetarian food?’ But, after a bit of convincing and the thought: ‘What if I love it?’ I decided to go for it, and I am so glad that I did.

I have since participated in twelve or so week-long voyages around the Devon coastline. In addition, I became a Watch Leader; this required me to take responsibility for teaching groups of young people whilst on trips including during a three-week long voyage to France with students from Plymouth University (who were at the time a few years older than me). This opportunity allowed me to develop leadership skills and confidence alongside learning to become a more competent sailor.  

I no longer feel defined by my shyness or quietness. Since Morvargh offered me such fantastic experiences and opportunities with their project, it has given me the confidence to have faith in what I can achieve. 

Last year I completed two scuba diving courses and this year I have applied to do a Marine Biology and Oceanography course at Plymouth University. (Which she started last September!) I truly believe that if I didn’t have the experiences I did with Morvargh, I may never have pursued these interests that have put me on the path to do what I love.

I will always be grateful to Morvargh for that and hope that I am still able to be a part of the inspirational work that Morvargh do and encourage others like me to realise their potential."

As you can imagine this truly reaffirmed why we are fighting to get Helen Mary R sailing again.  We are so close to getting her coded! The journey to this point has been truly difficult at times but we firmly have the bit between our teeth now and are starting to generate momentum towards our final goal.

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