How Sail Training can help in a post Covid World

How Sail Training can help in a post Covid World

How Sail Training can help a post-Covid world. Sail Training has the capacity to help Young People weather the pandemic.

Mon, 21st June 2021
Matthew Barraud

Posted by Matthew on 21st June 2021.

As we slowly emerge from the devastating effects of the Covid pandemic it is not only important that we look at helping young people catch up academically, but crucially also in helping them build and work on a range of soft skills.

We feel that soft skills (communication, motivation, teamwork, self-belief etc.) have been impacted far more during the pandemic than people are aware. Young people have spent over a year with little face to face social interaction and increased ‘online’ time which, from our own anecdotal evidence has had a real affect to youth mental health.

Even if a young person has not been infected or experienced Covid first-hand it has been suggested at the very least they will develop some sort of social anxiety. People quarantined for prolonged periods in cramped accommodation, sharing a bedroom with multiple occupants, or trapped at home, may be especially vulnerable to developing PTSD symptoms during and after the outbreak.

After Covid has passed we may find that life never fully returns to “normal”. We might find that young people have become risk-averse, digitally connected people who continue retreating to the safety of home rather than exploring and pushing their boundaries.

As with most other UK Sail Training operators we have been closed since the end of the sailing season in 2019. For us this is our 21st month of not operating! But we stand ready.

Sail Training may have many of the answers to help young people weather the storm and fallout from Covid. Contrary to what the term signifies, Sail Training is not about teaching young people to sail, it is merely a biproduct of what happens aboard.

But what is Sail Training? To help you understand the amazing benefit of Sail Training we have developed a formal Youth Scheme that underpins everything we do aboard Helen Mary R.

Our Youth Scheme is the culmination of many years of research into Sail Training and Youth Development. Morvargh Sailing Project was created to inspire young people and assist in creating a positive change in their lives and hopefully help them get back to an even keel after the pandemic.

Sail Training is not only a fun and exciting adventure for young people. It is the sailing offshore as part of a team, the communication challenges, the need to ‘dig deep’ and push their boundaries that opens a whole new world of challenges, skills, and discovery.  

Young people do not need any previous sailing experience to sail aboard one of our voyages as the staff & volunteers onboard (called Afterguard) will teach them everything they need to know. They will meet new people and work together to set sails, steer, keep watch and even cook.

Each piece of research concludes that those participating in a structured youth development program on a tall ship benefit in several ways that include developing increased teamwork and leadership capabilities as well as increasing the level of community responsibility and academic ability.

Our Youth Scheme will take you on the journey that our young people travel whilst sailing with us and hopefully give you an insight to the theories behind what we can offer. 

Every voyage a young person undertakes with Morvargh Sailing Project will make a positive change to their life and I hope that in reading this youth scheme you are inspired to send your young people aboard one of our voyages.  

You can download our Youth Scheme here or alternatively we’d love to hear what your thoughts are.

Fair Winds



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